Katayama Sake Brewery is located in Nikko, a UNESCO World Heritage City. It is a small, dedicated sake brewery that specializes in Genshu (unfiltered, unpasteurized, and undiluted sake). The seventh-generation owner/brewer makes sake during the winter season himself.



In 1879, our founder sought land with better quality water than his home in Niigata, and opened a sake brewery in this area. The current brewer is the seventh generation of this family.

Our sake is made the traditional way, through a series of delicate, manual processes. Most notably, we do not use machines to press our sake, typical in modern breweries. Instead, we slowly and carefully apply pressure manually to produce a mild and smooth sake. This method is very rare today.

Because we are a small brewery, most of our products can only be purchased at the brewery.


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We hope everyone who comes to our brewery will be able to see how we make our sake with the care and passion that only a small-scale brewery can provide. Since 1880, we have been brewing sake using natural water from the Nikko Mountain range. Because of our small size, much of our sake is exclusively available at our brewery shop. Please visit our brewery to sample some of our delicious sake!

We’ll be waiting for you!

CEO/BREWER  Tomoyuki Katayama