About us

Tonoike Sake Brewery is located in Mashiko, a rural town well-known for its pottery, about 2.5 hours north of Tokyo. The brewery houses a small sake museum, where you can handle tools and learn about sake production, and a tasting room, where you can sample fresh sake.



Tonoike Sake Brewery was founded in 1937 by Itsugoro Tonoike, whose family began brewing sake in Tochigi Prefecture in 1829. In addition to sake, this brewery also produces a variety of items made from rice including shochu, liqueurs, doburoku, and sake cosmetics.

We also focus on exporting our products overseas. As of 2020, we have shipped our products to 13 countries (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, the United Kingdom, Austria, France, Italy, the United States, Canada, and Australia).

Our high-quality sake, produced using traditional techniques, has won numerous awards both in Japan and abroad.

Additionally, we ranked fourth in the 2019 World Sake Brewery Rankings, a ranking of sake breweries’ compiled scores from domestic and international contests.


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Welcome to Tonoike Brewery. Please enjoy a tour of the modern and historic Edo-era buildings that make up our brewery. In addition to sake, at our brewery you can also enjoy coffee brewed with the same natural water we use to craft the sake and sake flavored ice cream. In the surrounding town of Mashiko, there are many talented ceramic artists. I hope you like the atmosphere of our brewery and take the opportunity to drink our delicious, handcrafted sake from the beautiful ceramic cups made in this town.

We look forward to your visit!

CEO Shigeki Tonoike